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Nesting Solution

Easy 100 Aviary
  • Nesting Solution
    Nesting Solution
    Only two tiers means great overview and no climbing for the workers
  • Pitch of the floor means virtually no system eggs - all eggs get to the belt
  • Water, Feed and Nesting on each leavel means best feed conversion on the market
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Community Nest for Layers and Broiler Breeders

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Turkey Breeder Nest

  • Sections for 5 or 6 nests per section
  • Long Lasting Coated Water Resistant Plywood that gives a Natural Look and Feel for the birds
  • Ventilaition in the top of the nest to provide comfort during summer heat stress
  • Rack and Pinion syustem for Bird Removal with a covered Egg Belt for maximum egg protection

Enriched Colony
  • Adheres to 2017 NFACC: Code of Practice for the Care & Handling of Pullets and Laying Hens Effective April 1, 2017
  • Robust German Engineering and system is completely customizable
  • Perches situatied to encourage proper laying patterns and movable scratch areas

Futura Combination - Aviary/Enriched Colony
  • The best of both worlds
  • Side walls may be closed to provide the Enriched Colony Features
  • Side walls may be opened to be used as an Aviary
  • If you are uncertain of the direction of the industray, this is the Nesting System for you!

Futura Combination - Aviary/Enriched Colony
Futura Combination - Aviary/Enriched Colony