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Proxy-Clean® is a hydrogen peroxide based product, specially formulated to work in livestock operations of any size. Whether your situation calls for a thorough cleaning between production cycles or gentle cleaning and conditioning while animals are present, Proxy-Clean® and Weeden Environments' experienced and knowledgeable staff can put together a cleaning program that will provide your livestock with the hygienic water they need.

Proxy-Clean® is equipment friendly. An independent laboratory has certified it to be far less corrosive than other cleaning products commonly used in watering systems.

When Proxy-Clean® meets biofilms, its powerful oxidation properties will clean your water lines.   Proxy-Clean® is an important tool used in the Water-Smart Program.

Proxy-Clean®  SDS (English version)
Proxy-Clean®  SDS (French version)


  • Removes organic biofilm deposits
  • Bio-degradable
  • Equipment friendly, non-corrosive
  • Cost effective
  • Non-corrosive in solution
Qwik Blend Pump
Qwik Blend Pump
Qwik Blend Pump
Qwik Blend Pump
is designed to allow you to easily inject a 3% solution into your water lines without have to prepare a stock solution.  The pump hooks up just as you would a medicator, and allows you to drop the feeder hose directly into the Proxy-Clean jug.  The pump then mixes the water and Proxy-Clean to a 3% solution, injecting it directly into the lines.
Benefits include:
  • Easy to use
  • reliable – no moving parts to break
  • saves time – service multiple barns in a fraction of the time
  • inexpensive

Jefacid is a liquid acidifier that removes mineral build up and lowers the pH level of the drinking water for livestock.

Lowering the pH level also enables a more efficient chlorination process. This will result in good clean economical water which is vital for attaining optinal performance. The product is a blend of phosphoric, citric, lactic and malic acids.

Jefacid has been tests and trialed against other acidification products and has proven to be very effective. It is available in 20, 200 and 1000 liter. It is an important tool used in the Water-Smart Program.


  • Removes mineral build-up
  • Lowers pH level water
  • Cost effective


Stenner Pump - Econ FP Multi-Functional

Econ FP
Econ FP
The Econ FP has multi-functional control capability for interfacing with a dry contact water meter, dry contact flow switch, or an auxiliary output from a water softener control. It is compact and easy to program.
  • Enclosed housing
  • Patented quick release tube replacement
  • Solid one piece tube construction
  • Wall mountable
  • Optional mounting accessories available
  • UL & cUL for indoor use
  • NSF 61 & 372 for USA & Canada

Stennicator Pump

The Stennicator is the newest medicator pump for the agricultural's livestock sector.   The Stennicator injects straight into the water line which sets it apart from traditional medicators and water driven proportioning pumps.

The Stennicator is adaptable to all existing houses with pulsing dry contact water meters, no additional equipment is required.    Typical medicators use water to mix stock solutions needs for injection and are adversely affected by poor water quality such as grit, hardness or iron.  Poor water quality does not affect the performance of the Stennicator; the pump injects straight into the water line eliminating garden hose bypasses that restrict flow.  In addition, the pump is more than just a medicator, it is compatible with a wide range of livestock solutions and can inject strong acids and disinfectants without harm to the pump's moving parts.  The chemicals are contained in the peristaltic pump tube and suction and discharge lines.  All Stenner peristaltic metering pumps are self-priming and do not lose prime from gaseous solutions. 

Stennicator Pump
Stennicator Pump
  • injects water at 1:128 with sanitizers, disinfectants, nutrients and medications. 
  • Strong chemicals do not affect the pump tube
  • small footprint
  • can be easily adapted into all existing houses with pulsing water meters

Stenner Pump - Dual Proportional Injection System

The Stenner system is perfectly suited for constant pressure (variable speed) well pumps, poultry and livestock houses, irrigation, systems with demand based backup wells and any application with varying flow rates.  It does the work of the standard Proportional Injection System, but allows the injection of two chemicals.

The primary components are two Stenner Pump Control Modules, two Stenner Classic Series Fixed Output Pumps, and a dry contact pulsing Water Meter. The Stenner Pump Control Modules are a time adjusted controller that powers the pump. A pulsing water meter sends a signal
to the Stenner PCM's which actuates the pump to
Dual Proportional Injection System
Dual Proportional Injection System
deliver the desired dose based on water volume. The Stenner PCM's have a locking dial to assure the accuracy of the dosage.  The Stenner Dual-Head Proportional Injection System can be utilized to inject any number of
chemicals including chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, polyphosphate, Rid-O-Rust and many other chemicals.

All Stenner Pumps are "Peristaltic" Pumps, which have been proven to be the most reliable for injecting a variety of liquids into water.

The Stenner Proportional Injection System is available in 120V, accommodates 3/4" or 1" piping.  Just plug into any electrical outlet, intercept a 3/4" or 1" line and connect it and you are done.  It's that simple
  • Simple to install, even simpler to set
  • Flows up to 22 GPM
  • Panel & panel fittings: Polyethylene
  • Mounting hardware: Stainless steel
  • Piping and associated fittings: PVC
  • Water meter: plastic
  • Filter: PVC with polycarbonate cover and two polyester screens 30 and 100 mesh
  • Note: Connections are socket weld union ¾” connections
  • Stenner System Dimensions:  43 x 27 x 11 in.
  • Stenner System Shipping Weight:  45 lbs

Mixrite Medicator

MixRite is a water driven proportioning injector for pumping an additive into a water line

at a consistent induction rate over varying water pressure and flow rates.  MixRite injectors are used to add exact dosages of medications, vitamins, minerals and vaccinations into livestock watering systems. When used with cleaning agents, MixRite assists in disinfecting and cleaning lines and installations
  • Easy to install
  • No electricity needed
  • Easy to adjust dosing percentage
  • Replaceable seals
  • Works at very low flow rate
  • Easy to field repair
  • Highly Chemical resistant
  • Perfect blending
  • Highly resistant to UV Working Pressure: 0.2 - 8

ARAD Water Meters

The ARAD M water meter was developed to meet the demand for a reliable and simple unit for farm and
Arad Water Meter
Arad Water Meter
agricultural use.  The ARAD M, a multi-jet magnetic water meter with a patented frost protection device, engineered to give accurate readings for water flow as low as 10 gallons per hour, and as high as 1300 gallons per hour.  The ARAD multi-jet principle assures long time accurate measurement of water; the magnetic drive reduces drag.  The ARAD M’s wide measuring range provides high accuracy with low head loss
The ARAD M water meter is designed to increase profits in your operation by providing better management of water usage. The ARAD M is more accurate than a medicator to determine and control correct proportioning of medications to total water consumption, and with the ARAD M in your operation, malfunctions can be quickly detected.

The ARAD M is a multi-jet magnetic water meter with a patented frost protection device, engineered to give accurate readings as low as 10 gallons per hour, and as high as 1,300 gallons per hour. Two non-corroding ceramic rings comprise the magnetic drive coupling, allowing for a perfect sealing, and there is no drive shaft through the register box, allowing the register to remain permanently clean and dry. 
The 3/4 inch size combines high sensitivity and high capacity with low loss of head pressure, improved measuring curve and long life. The multi-jet principle assures an equally distributed load, eliminating wear and maintaining maximum accuracy. The Arad M's wide clearances allow impurities to pass through without affecting precision.

Stenner Plastic Water Meters
Plastic Water Meter
Plastic Water Meter

This plastic water meter doesn’t require power and utilizes a reed switch that
provides a pulsing dry contact signal. 
This pump is certified with the Water Quality Association under NSF/ANSI-372 (Low-Lead).
The ¾” water meter is included with the Proportional Injection System.

  Plastic Water Meter